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Gamer Home Fitness Bundle
Gamer Home Fitness Bundle
Gamer Home Fitness Bundle
Gamer Home Fitness Bundle

Gamer Home Fitness Bundle

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Designed By Gamers, For Gamers.


💪ADVANCED FITNESS TRACKER (Compatible with Android and iPhone)

💪Multi-Position Push Up Platform

💪Fitness bands with 2 handles and 5 different weight resistance bands

Between a full time job, work and friends, it's just hard to get to the gym. Plus, its hard to get started when you're not in shape to begin with. The best part is - you get to put in the work on your own time, doing the things you already love to do - game!

This is why we brought the gym to us. Every time we get killed in a game, or do something negative (fumble, miss a shot, etc) we complete an exercise to failure (we physically can't do another repetition). We do as many push ups, pull ups, tricep extensions, etc - as we can each time during a gaming session. 

If you follow this simple routine while you're gaming anyway, you will see and more importantly FEEL the results in no time. It is a NO BRAINER. 

We have you covered on both push and pull exercises. 

What's included:
⚡ Latest generation Fitness Tracker (step tracker, heart rate/BP, alerts, multiple connectivity options and much, much more)

⚡ Push Up Bars

⚡ Fitness bands with 2 handles for curls, extensions, presses and stretches for arms and legs (10,15,20,25&30 pound bands included!) 

In addition, you get a free download of exercises to do with your new equipment. 

What are you waiting for? Let's get started! Summer is right around the corner. Wouldn't it feel nice to look a little more toned and lose a few pounds? That is exactly why we are using this routine since Christmas and still using it today.

Keep them right next to your gaming console or PC and put in the effort. 

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